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Pkhex For Mac

I used wineskin to create an m1 port of pkhex. This one is a little bit outdated, so make sure to right click this application, click "Show Package Contents", drive_c, Program Files, and open the PKHeX folder. Replace the PKHeX.exe you find in there with the latest version of PKHeX. Enjoy

Pkhex For Mac

Download Zip:

-LJG-Yx4kLWeNQn9Z7bboDDrdp2x/view?usp=sharingSometimes Mac OS will flag the app as unsafe or damaged. To get around this, open terminal and type "xattr -r -d (drag here)" then hit enter.

I use sdf to export saved game file to PC. The file is named main. Load this file I simply copy a pokemon and add it in my party box. Everything works well till then. I set this pokemon and export file as main. Put it back to my 3ds save data. Open the game, it just doesn't change anything! I don't see the new pokemon. But it does exist in the pkhex interface. What to do?

Hi, I'm on Catalina 10.15.2, thus I tried to run pkhex with wine crossover. (wine32on64) However, though I think I've tried everything I can, It won't work. In fact, it would launch pkhex, but it only gives me error after launching. What should I do? I'm attatching the error report. 350c69d7ab


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