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Worldcraft: A Fun and Easy Way to Craft and Build 3D Worlds

Adult bedroom environments tend to remain relatively stable, and once established, design changes are generally nuanced and developmental, rather than dramatic and spontaneous. Once we've created the ideRead MoreNewsJune 18, 2019 YOUR SACRED INNER SANCTUARYIn our hectic modern lives and rapidly changing world, we often neglect to take proper care of ourselves. Our bedrooms should be places of consistent self-care at the highest level. Our bedrooms are our Read MoreNewsJune 18, 2019 ALTARING YOUR BATHROOMOur bathrooms are often the first and last places we spend significant functional time each day, an average of thirty minutes daily for most of us. Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is the most functiRead MoreNewsJune 18, 2019 THE DINING ROOMFor many, the dining room is the hearth of the home, a place where the body is nourished and the soul fed. It is a place for family meals, holiday celebrations, coffee, conversations and breaking bread wRead MoreNewsJune 18, 2019 REINVENTING THE FAMILY ROOMIf the dining room is a place for eating; the living room is a place for being. It is perhaps the most public and multifunctional room in the house. Here we gather and socialize with family and friends, Read Morerequire(['jquery','mage/mage','rokanthemes/owl'], function ($) 'use strict';jQuery(".block-recent-posts .owl").owlCarousel(items : 3,itemsDesktop : [1199,3],itemsDesktopSmall : [980,3],itemsTablet: [768,2],itemsMobile : [479,1],slideSpeed : 1000,paginationSpeed : 500,rewindSpeed : 500,addClassActive: true,navigation : true,stopOnHover : true,pagination : false,scrollPerPage:true,););Follow us on Instagram@worldcraftindustries


The mobile planetoid had real terrain including a forested surface with several small bodies of water including rivers and swamps, an unknown stretch of desert and a blue "sky".[1] The Worldcraft retained its atmosphere through the use of a force field while buried gravfield plates maintain the standard gravity of the worldcraft. The core of the Worldcraft was an immense reactor that powered the hyperdrive engines and the tractor beam, the latter used to hold a miniature "sun" in place. Due to its miniature size and its rapid rotation on its axis, days on the Worldcraft were much shorter than standard days on most other worlds.[1]

Answer from: JoaThere is actually water in worldcraft. As u can see to grow plants faster u need to put water next to the side so that they could grow in one day. U will also need water to do other things too. So there IS water in worldcraft try tapping on the grass, it might work ;)

Answer from: ZeroWater can,t be found on worldcraft dont belive people who say water can be found by destroyng grass with iron bucket. Also, worldcraft wiki tells it , dont use time to find somthing that the game itself dont have now ( water, lava, portal etc). All bloks exist on creative but in survival the items are few and limited. That is the truth afterall

The Human Worldcraft Earth-II, also known as simply Earth II, Second Earth or New Earth is a worldcraft built mainly by the Spanish Empire and the Neanderthals after the Spanish-Neanderthal agreements intended to replace the Earth as humanity's home after Earth's abandonment.

The worldcraft is positioned in the same distance from the Sun as the original Earth and has a similar orbit, in order to perfectly emulate the terran climate. It has a diameter of 1.355 kilometers, a fifth of Mars's size.

Construction began in 2817 over Mars's orbit. Over the next five years the worldcraft was completed, and resources from all over the galaxy were brought, both from the Spanish Territories and traded goods.


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