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AM 02 CK Universal

Electropneumatic Modular Loose Insulated Ferrule Strip/Crimp Machine with a Crimp Force Analyzer - (AWG 20-14) 6-12mm Ferrules Quadro or Trapezium Crimp Shape

AM 02 CK Universal

The AM 02 CK Universal is additionally equipped with the crimp force analyzer CK 01, compared to the well-known AM 02 Universal. Thus quality control is ensured on the basis of the crimp force. The extent of this crimp force monitoring is the same as our proven CK 01.

Special Features:
- Easy tool change
-Short tooling time
-Crimp quality conforms to DIN 46228
-Quality control of crimping ferrules
-Crimp force monitoring 0.5-2.5mm2 (AWG 20-14)

Technical Data
AM 02 CK Universal

Crimping Range
0.5-2.5mm2 (AWG20-14)

Optional tool kits
0.34mm2 (AWG 22) without CK

Crimping Length
CL 6-12mm (0.24-0.47in)

Infeed Length
28mm (1.10in) + CL*

Cycle Time Approx

Power Supply
100-240; 50/60; 100 V; Hz; VA

Air Presure
6.5 Bar (79.77psi)

470 x420 x 425 mm
18.5 x 16.5 x 16.7 in

38kg (83.78 lbs)

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