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Nahay Electrical Solutions LLC


Nahay Electrical Solutions is a customer focused support and service firm. We are a resource to help find equipment that will help make your wire processing production as efficient as possible.  We are an affiliate of Mecal by Starn, Nitronic AG, Z+F USA Inc., Feintechnik R.Rittmeyer, Carpenter Mfg, and OES Inc. Let us assist in finding the right products for your wire harness and cabling needs.

Affiliate Manufacturers


Learn from our online course

We offer an online course on the fundamentals of operating a crimp applicator. 

This course covers the follow list of topics

  • What is an applicator 

  • Consumable wear parts

  • Documentation

  • How the crimp applicator works in a press

  • General maintenance 

  • Pre and post production inspection 

  • Wire placement 

  • Crimp quality 

  • Trouble shooting bad crimps

  • and more...


We can source and reverse engineer hard to find parts!

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