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Model 84

Material Coiling Unit

Model 84

The newly-designed Model 84 Material Coiling Unit neatly coils long lengths of wire and cable. When interfaced with applicable Carpenter Mfg. Co., Inc. Measure & Cut or Measure, Cut & Strip equipment the Model 84 will automatically start and stop, allowing for seamless operation.

The Model 84 utilizes an easy-to-use electronic control that manages coiling bowl speed, discharge spin time, and restart dwell time. It features built-in circuitry to protect the motors from jam and overload conditions. To ensure operator safety, the unit will immediately stop processing material if contact is made with the coiling bowl.

When processing long lengths of wire and cable the Model 84 is the perfect solution for neatly controlling material output. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, every Model 84 comes standard with a durable powder coat finish and a 1-year limited factory warranty.

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