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Coaxial and Fine Wire Stripping Hand Tool


The cable stripping tool Nitronic MiniStrip was specially developed for thin wires and cables. It features a four-blade system, which provides exact repeatable results for stripping wires and cables. The coating is removed by rotating blades and stripped-off in one single step, depending on stripping length and cable, the wires are also twisted. This innovative design allows for processing fiber optic cables as well as coaxial cables and Teflon coated cables. The high precision design prevents damage to wires or fibers.

Precision blade diameter is controlled with a micrometer, which allows for a quick set-up of diameters. The locking screw of the diameter adjusting system makes the tool available even for military applications (mil-spec). The high quality construction of the ministrip guarantees a precise repetitiveness.

Wire size ranges from 0.16 mm (0.006”) to 1.5 mm (0.06”) (18 – 38 AWG), depending on insulation-type, down to 0.10 mm (0.004″) 38 AWG
Outer cable diameter max. 2.5 mm (0.1’’)
Stripping length up to 15 mm (0.6’’)
Four cutting blades on one single plane
Rotating cut
No wire damage
Fast and easy change of length and diameter settings
Mobile, no power supply
HSS blades can be replaced by user without tools
Suitable for Teflon, PVC, Kynar and Kapton insulations
Attractive price
Centering unit
The new centering unit allows for very high precision stripping especially for high-end applications. It is available as an option for the Nitronic MiniStrip. The centering unit is infinitely adjustable and makes sure that the cable is perfectly centered to the cutting blades. This involves the following advantages:

The user cannot influence the stripping quality
The stripping diameter can be adjusted very close to the conductor, dielectric or shield. In this way very thin insulations can be stripped.
Wire damage is prevented
Bench Clamp
For production use we developed an aluminum bench clamp for the Nitronic MiniStrip. This elegant accessory is equipped with a special plastic, which will not damage the MiniStrip

Made in Switzerland

The MiniStrip is developed and manufactured in Switzerland by Nitronic AG. For more than 20 years, Nitronic has developed electronic / micro-electronic controls and mechanical solutions for cable processing.

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