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Mechanical Coaxial and Fine Wire Stripper


The cable Stripping and Twisting machine ST215 and ST215W (with wayback) was specially developed for small wires and cables. It features an innovative four-blade system, which provides very accurate and exact repeatable stripping results.

The coating is removed by cutting with rotating blades and strip-off in one single step. This innovative procedure allows processing of

Coax/Microcoax cables
Teflon or Kapton coated cables
Sucoform SM86 cables from Huber & Suhner Furthermore, wires are twisted during the stripping process. The high precision avoids damage to wires or dielectric. In addition, a centering unit allows very high precision stripping for high-end applications. The centering unit is infinitely adjustable and assures that the cable is centered respectively to the cutting blades. User influences regarding the stripping quality are eliminated.

Precision blade diameter control with a micrometer scale, allows a quick set-up of diameter. The locking screw of the diameter adjusting system makes the machine available even for military and aerospace applications. The quick length control is equipped with a sensor which initiates the stripping process. The high quality of the product guaranties a precise repetitiveness.

The all new ST215W features two additional functions.

– The rotation of the stripping head can be stopped prior to pull-off. This allows to twist or not the strands.

– The second new function is the adjustable Wayback. This function will open the blades a little prior to pull-off. This increases the stripping quality, especially when the wires have important diameter tolerances.

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