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Crimp Force Monitor with Internal Memory and Network Connection


The most comprehensive and flexible crimp monitor on the market today. A reliable crimp process monitor supplied with ForcePak user interface software.

Configurable for one or two channels.

Configurable for many different sensor types including voltage and IEPE standard sensors.

Proven performance with 100% traceability

Integrated automatic target recalculation (ATR) tracks the process trend and further optimizes the CPM5000 for optimal performance and defect detection while minimizing unnecessary scrap
Unlimited number of parameters for critical terminal wire combinations can be optionally stored by part number and are easily recalled through the touch screen interface
Optional bar code scanner provides further error proofing and automation of the changeover process reports
Every crimp signature is captured into the Crimp Data Management System
Simple Connectivity

Can operate as a standalone system or can be connected to an existing client network
Optionally connecting to an excising system allows for remote monitoring and management of an unlimited number of CPM5000 crimp process monitors
High Security

Supports multiple users each with a unique password and access permissions
QPM Option

OES QPM System brings a level of automation, efficiency, and assurance of quality to the plant floor that is unsurpassed in the industry

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