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SC 03

Electropneumatic Crimp Press for Loose Ferrules both Insualted and Unisulated up to 2-0AWG

SC 03

The SC 03 is an electropneumatic crimp press. It is equipped with a very efficient pedal switch. The correct and fully controlled sequence is monitored by a microprocessor control. The machine is started by a foot-switch. An integrated adjusting mechanism enables a correction of the crimping depth. Crimping tools can be changed easily and are available for the processing of ferrules with a size of up to 70 mm2 with different crimping lengths. On customers demand special tools with different crimping geometries can be developed and manufactured.

Technical data

Crimping range
70 mm2 (AWG 2/0)

Crimping length
CL 30mm

lnfeed length
<16 mm2 ? 20 mm (0.79 in.)+ CL*
> 16 mm2 ? 120 mm (4.72 in.)+ CL*

Cycle time approx.
1 s

Power supply
100 - 240; 50/60; 16V; Hz;VA

Air pressure
5,5 bar (79.77 psi)

(B x T x H) I 160 x 410 x 400 mm
(w x d x h) (6.3 X 16.2 X 15.7 in.)

23,5 kg (51.81 lbs)

Part Number: V10CP000003

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