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Crimp Force Monitor CK

In process crimp inspection machine accessory

Crimp Force Monitor CK

Designed specifically for the machines of the AM-/CR-series of Zoller + Fr�hlich the
crimp force monitoring CK 01 is an integrated component for the automatic monitor
of crimping operations and thus ensure high quality crimping products. The crimp
force monitoring CK 01 can be directly integrated into the machines from Zoller +
Fr�hlich or installed externally as a retrofit kit.

Special features
� Precision high-speed, crimp force analysis
� For wire cross-sections from 0.14 � 6 mm� (AWG 26 � 10)
� Integrated SPC (Static Process Control) with online-option
� Absolute power measurement in Newton [N]
� TFT-graphic-color-display with touchscreen
� Storing up to 50 different programs and parameters
� Quality assurance through documentation of each crimp
Recognize the following crimp faults
� Missing strands
� Improper wire gauge
� Missing crimp contact
� Inadequate stripping
� Improper crimp depth

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