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Evocut & Evofeed

Wire cutter - Automatic feeding process

Evocut & Evofeed

Measurement device for precise, quick measurement and monitoring of the crimping depth.
The electronic indicator works with an absolute capacitive gage. The one-time adjustment stores the zero-point until the next battery change. The large display enables easy reading of the measures. The indicator will be delivered with a solid Z+F holding unit, which has an integrated magnet. This ensures a safe fixture on any suitable surface. The electric cutting machine is compactly built and enables quick processing times
and flexible applications.

Special features:
� User-friendly 5�display
� Simple insertion of wires
� Horizontal working space for improved insight into the operating area
� Guided conduction of processed wires
� Program complete projects directly on the machine
� Optional Z+F EVOFEED� multi-feeder for 12 different conductors
� Can be fully integrated into the WPC (Wire Processing Center)

Multiple infeed Z+F EVOFEED�
By feeding up to 12 conductors it is possible to sequentially process complex projects in a simple and effective way. The automatic feeding process makes manual interference obsolete and allows the processing of different cross-sections or colors according to the respective planning. This is very time-saving for the overall process, as individual jobs and projects can be processed automatically.

Technical data Z+F EVOCUT & EVOFEED

Multicore conductor
11 x 0,5 - 2,5 mm� (AWG 20 - 14)
1 x 4 - 10 mm� (AWG 12 - 8)

Max. conductor diameter
011 x 4,5 mm (0.18 in.)
1 x 7,5 mm (0.29 in.)

Forward feed
max. 1,0 m/s (3.3 ft./s)

Preselection of length
1 � 999.999 mm (0.04 - 39,370 in.)

Power supply
100-240; 50/60; 100 V; Hz; VA

Dimensions (w x l x h)
370 x 300 x 250 mm (14.6 x 11.8 x 9.8 in.)

13,5 kg (29.7 lbs)

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