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CR 03

Four point crimper for loose, turned contacts

CR 03

The electropneumatic driven, easily adaptable crimper is specifically designed to pro�cess loose turned contacts. In the range of 0.08 up to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 28-14) wires and contacts can be crimped. Standard is a 4/8-indent crimp corresponding to MIL 22520. Optionally it is possible to adapt the machine for other crimp forms. Manual adjustment of the crimping-depth (by option automatically by motor). The machine can be converted for other contacts by using specific tool kits. All tools are easily replaceable. The crimping process is started by a foot switch.

Options Include:
Z+F crimp force monitor
Adjustment of the crimping-depth by a motor
Other crimp forms: 4-indent, B-Crimp

Technical data

Crimping range
0,08 -2,5 mm2
(AWG 28-14)
4-6 mm2
(AWG 12-10)

Crimping form
4/8-indent / B-Crimp

lnfeed length
23 mm(16 mm)
0.91 in. (0.63 in.)

Cycle time approx.
2,0 s

Power supply
100-240; 50/60; 100 manual
100 -240; 50/60; 185 motorisch
V; Hz; VA

Air pressure
5,5 bar
(79.77 psi)
(B x T x H) 260 x 560 x 540 mm
(w x d x h) (10.2 X 22 X 21.3 in.)
(81.57 lbs)
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Order specifications On request

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