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Super Retro Fighter

Bring the power of an arcade to your home with the Super Retro-Cade plug and play console by Retro-Bit. Packed with over 90 popular retro games from Capcom, Data East, Irem and Technos. Access this archive of arcade classics from an intuitive user interface. Accompanied with two wired controllers compatible with your PC and Mac. Ditch the quarters and revisit the arcade with Retro-Bit.

Super Retro Fighter


My Arcade has revealed two new products ahead of CES 2020 this morning, as we're getting some Street Fighter II action and a new retro player. First up, we have the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player, which you can see here. It's their own miniature spin on the classic arcade cabinet. Meanwhile, they also revealed the Super Retro Champ Console, which is a new retro player for SNES and SEGA Genesis cartridges that can be used as a handheld or hooked up to a TV. We have details of both items and price points below. My Arcade will have these on display during CES 2020 for people to check out, in the South Hall at booth #20906.

Super Retro Champ Console [MSRP: $109.99]The Super Retro Champ console is the successor to My Arcade's award-winning Retro Champ and enables retro-enthusiasts to enjoy their SNES, Super Famicom, and Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges from a single console. The Super Retro Champ features a 7-inch screen and a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 5 hours of play time. Retro gamers can play the Super Retro Champ in handheld mode or use the 2 included wireless gamepads to play in tabletop and TV mode. An HDMI output allows users to enjoy their classic games from the comfort of their couch. Taking a note from its predecessor, the Super Retro Champ includes a built-in cartridge cleaning kit.

At CES 2020 My Arcade, the makers of some fantastic retro hardware has just announced two brand new products with the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player and the Super Retro Champ Console.

Ryan started out playing games on his fathers Atari 2600 and has been playing games ever since. Favorite franchises include Command & Conquer, Ace Combat, Metal Gear and Halo. Ryan likes to keep up with all current and retro gaming news and trends. You can follow Ryan on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

During CES 2020, My Arcade revealed their next retro console as the Super Retro Champ, a portable gaming device able to player SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, and Mega Drive Cartridges on a single console.

This Nemons Super Monster Fighter chbi style video game design is the perfect creepy cute gift for any classic vintage horror movie fans or retro fighting game fans with a unique sense of humor and style! Featuring hand drawn cartoon classic monster creatures such as a vampire, werewolf, mummy, human fly and many more in a retro fighting game setting, it's sure to turn heads and raise a smile with fellow gamers and movie lovers. A perfect funny and stylish gift for any horror movie lover or retro video game fan in your life.

When it became apparent Street Fighter II wasn't a passing fancy with the public, Capcom quickly started re-tooling and re-releasing the 2D fighter. These spit-and-polish jobs were less obvious in the arcade (where you just fed quarters to whatever machine was available in the laundromat, regardless of tweaks, alterations, or coffee stains), but they garnered a lot of conversation when they came to the SNES.

I guess it's a little like choosing between food, water, and oxygen. As much as you need all three, you're going to check out quickly if you don't have air. All the SNES iterations of Street Fighter II are superb, but a quick glance around the series' communities reveals Turbo is the preferred entry.

ConclusionBy some fans' measurement, Street Fighter II Turbo is the quintessential retro Street Fighter experience. I'd prefer Super Street Fighter II on the SNES Classic, but I guess it's ultimately like being forced to choose between petting a kitten or a puppy. Either way, I win.

Originally released in its native Japan in 1991 as Blue Almanac, this Phantasy Star-style turn-based RPG game was snapped up by US company Sage's Creation with view to an English-language release; such was the faith in the conversion that print advertisements were taken out in North American magazines. For whatever reason, it never happened and Star Odyssey was largely forgotten until Cobb recently happened to stumble across an English-language prototype whilst chatting with a fellow retro collector. 041b061a72


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